1. All repairs comes with 90 days warranty. If you have any issues with functionality within 90 days of your repair, please bring it in and we will try to resolve it in a timely manner. Only parts replaced by our technicians are covered except faulty logic board, physical, Water and pressure damage.
  2. We know all too well that accidents happen. Unfortunately the warranty does not cover accidental damage if you break the device again. We will help you protect your device from future accidents by recommending cases and screen protectors.
  3. While repairing devices, we may have to make minor cosmetic changes (e.g. bend out corners, file sharp edges, etc.) These cosmetic changes will not be covered by the warranty. If the chassis or housing is severely damaged, we will advise that there is more risk to it breaking again, and may not offer a warranty. 
  4.  Water damage repair will be covered under limited 45 days warranty.
  5. Internal parts of the device cannot be seen unless the device is opened for repair. If any parts inside the device is damaged before or missing in the device will not be our responsibility and will not be covered under the warranty as well.
  6.  Battery warranty is just for it to work, not for to what extent it last as battery performance can be affected by faulty logic board.
  7. We do not provide any warranty of Glass Screen Protectors & Waterproof cases.